We provide the support services to ensure that the termination process is conducted in the best interests of the company and the terminated individual.[/notice]

Preparation for the Termination Meeting

Many managers dread the thought of terminating an employee, sometimes to the point that
they delay the termination and damage the company’s interests. We help managers to move forward by:

  • Providing a structure for establishing and maintaining control of the termination meeting
  • Suggesting ways to protect the company’s reputation by conducting the termination meeting with dignity and professionalism
  • Providing techniques for dealing with emotional responses

Advice on Possible Consequences

We help managers to maintain a broader perspective on the termination by:

  • Recommending ways to maintain group morale
  • Discussing the need for the redistribution of work or for replacement staff
  • Identifying the possible need for legal advice and providing referrals to employment lawyers

On-Site Assistance

Because termination is so emotionally charged, it is important to focus the terminated individual’s attention on their future and to begin rebuilding self-esteem. We meet with the individual immediately following the termination to begin this process by:

  • Reassuring the individual that they will receive ongoing support through an outplacement program
  • Providing an outline of the program
  • Emphasising that the program will be customized to their needs


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