Hiring for Fit: A Key Leadership Skill

By Janet Webb

A key skill for any leader is the ability to hire a great team. This skill requires an in-depth knowlege of the complex subject of fit. Many organizations go about hiring in the wrong way because their leaders don't fully understand the concept of fit. The results are poor performance and costly turnover.

Hiring for Fit gets to the heart of what fit really means and provides expert insight for anyone involved in making hiring decisions.

Janet Webb has studied the personality traits and attributes of successful hires and has developed a system to hire the right fit for any role. This system recognizes that each role is unique and requires specific traits for success. The entire process outlined in the book, from identifying and screening top talent to onboarding new hires and supporting the development of senior leaders, is an application of Janet Webb's unique Trait Alignment Protocol (TAP), which is the key to identifying fit and maintaining fit over the long term.

Hiring for Fit is available to purchase online through Business Expert Press in both Print and E-book.

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Janet2020For more than 30 years, Janet Webb has tracked and advanced the careers of professionals, becoming a recognized expert in executive search, outplacement, career and business coaching and in hiring-related management consulting. She has acquired a detailed understanding of the hiring criteria and practices in all major industry sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, retail, real estate, mining, hi-tech, health care and not-for-profit.