We offer a wide range of outplacement programs, varying in length and content. All programs share some unique features:

  • All sessions are one-on-one. There are no group sessions whatsoever.
  • The program content is customized to meet the specific needs of the individual.
  • We have the flexibility to address shifting priorities, such as a pressing need for a revised resume or preparation for an unexpected interview.
  • Sessions are conducted by an experienced career consultant with a background in both career management and executive search.
  • All programs include the development of a Market Positioning Resume©.

Below are three examples of our programs. Should these not be appropriate to your situation, JW Associates will design an outplacement package to meet your budget and your timelines.


The Jumpstart Program has been designed to minimize the time it takes to secure a new position. The program will result in a new resume that will position you effectively to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. In addition, sessions may focus on your needs in the following areas: refining your near-term priorities; identifying key elements of your "ideal job"; enhancing your presentaiton skills; working productively with a recruiter; responding effectively to advertisements; and mastering the art of interviewing.

Personalized Career Consulting support for eight weeks


This program includes the choice of elements outlined in the Jumpstart Program. In addition, the process will provide a clear perspective on your career to date and help you to refine and achieve your goals. Sessions may also focus on your needs in the following areas: learning to network successfully; constructing a self-marketing plan; regaining your composure; balancing ambition and lifestyle; and responding to offers and negotiating salary.

Personalized Career Consulting support for three to four months


Designed for VP- and C-level professionals, this program will support a wide range of goals. These might include enhancing an existing career path or developing new options, including consulting or starting a new business. If you alread have a defined goal, we can help you navigate successfully through the current market complexities. Alternatively, you may wish to re-evaluate your career path and do some longer-term planning that fits with your overall life goals. For further details of this program refer to our Customized Executive Outplacement page.

Personalized Career Consulting for six to twelve months.


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