At JW Associates, we have used our extensive experience of the hiring process to develop an innovative type of resume that helps our clients get ahead.

Our proprietary Market-Positioning Resume:

  • Is much more effective at opening doors than a traditional resume
  • Is a forward-looking document that positions you for the future
  • Addresses the challenges that most candidates have in getting through the screening process and securing a new job

Most candidates focus on developing a resume that is a history of past experience, often with evidence of achievements, presented in a polished, error-free, professional manner. But this is not enough to effectively position you for a new role, especially if you are trying to move to a different type of role, a different sector or even a different size of company.

Our Market-Positioning Resume demonstrates your match to the position you want by:

  • Closing any gap a hiring manager might perceive between what you’ve done and where you want to be
  • Making it clear to the reader why you are a fit for the new role in clearly showcasing that you have the range of skills it requires
  • Not only presenting your experience but also, and most importantly, highlighting your leadership and interpersonal fit

Why is market positioning important? In today’s market, each job posting typically receives over 100, and sometimes as many as 200, applications. Your resume more than ever needs to stand out from the crowd. If you are using a recruiter, you need a resume that instantly resonates with their clients. And when you are networking, you need to impress your contacts with your ability to succeed in your targeted role.

Once your resume aligns to your focus and showcases your fit for the specific role and sectors you want, it will strongly resonate with hiring authorities and place you in the top group of applicants. To find out more about how you can develop a resume that truly works.


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