Are you at a crossroads in your career? Are you wondering if you should stay at your current organization or make a move to a new employer?

Our “Staying or Leaving Program” is designed for you. We support you in assessing and clarifying your options for future growth, both internally and externally and we support you in developing the requisite competencies for future success. At each session, priorities are identified, and achievable assignments with action plans are created.[/notice]

Program Features

  • Get to the heart of the question, “What do I want?” as it relates to your career path
  • Discuss your current situation and explore ways to enhance it
  • Explore possible promotional roles or internal lateral moves
  • Examine potential external roles and industry sectors
  • Clarify your “In demand” skills as they relate to short and long-term success
  • Redevelop your resume and LinkedIn profile to effectively position you for the future
  • Identify your leadership/learning priorities for your next role


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