Do you need to talk to someone confidentially on specific issues?

We offer individual career consulting sessions on a wide variety of issues, including: evaluating new opportunities, finding the work you love, creating work/life balance, negotiating a great salary, achieving internal promotions or communicating effectively with your boss.

What are your pressing issues?

  • “I have more than one offer. Which job should I take? Which position would be the best career move for me?”
  • “I’m starting a job search. How do I negotiate a great salary with a new employer?”
  • “How can I market myself in my present company to make sure that I get the promotion that I want?"
  • “How do I say ‘No' to my boss? I'm already overloaded and keep being given even more work to complete.”
  • “Over the past five years, my career has not advanced. How can I get back on track?”
  • “Search firms keep calling me on roles that are too junior. How can I position myself more effectively?”
  • “I find the idea of networking intimidating. How do I learn to network comfortably and productively?”
  • “I don’t understand why my resume is not getting me in the door for interviews. What should I do?”
  • “I’ve been running my own consulting business with mixed success. How do I make the transition back into an in-house role?”

What is the next step?

Call us today at (416) 363-6532 to schedule a complimentary career consulting session.

“I recently worked with Janet to improve my current situation. Since our sessions, I have been promoted in my company and have received a significant pay increase. The pay increase more than paid for the consulting sessions. Furthermore, the sessions have helped me to understand how to market myself in my company and have given me the confidence to set my goals higher.” ~ Controller, Large Manufacturing Company


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