Are you proactively taking steps to reach your goals, or are you leaving the fate of your career to other people?

Answer the following questions to determine whether you are in control of your career:

  • Do you have a career plan?
  • Are you feeling fulfilled in your career?
  • If you lost your job tomorrow, would you be in high demand?
  • Do you know how to position yourself for a promotion?
  • Have you recently obtained expert objective feedback on your career?
  • Does your current resume effectively market you for the next role you want?
  • Are you building an active network?
  • Are you developing your presentation skills?

If you answered NO to more than three of these questions, your career growth is being left to chance. Like many people, perhaps you are busy and feel overwhelmed by the task of adding something else to your "to do" list. If so, decide to take action on just one item to start with and seek out expert advise to make sure you are not "spinning your wheels". By taking personal responsibility for your own career you will be building future success and happiness. 

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~ Andy Warhol


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