Our goal is to provide you with greater control over your career, to optimize your earnings potential and to facilitate greater self-awareness, self-confidence and quality of life. We customize our outcomes-based programs to address our clients’ widely varying needs.

How do we design the right program for you?

We offer an initial complimentary career consulting session with no obligation. In this session, we gain insight into your career path and goals and suggest a customized Career Consulting plan to address your needs.

How many sessions are there in a program?

That depends on your needs. Some programs cover a wide range of areas, such as career planning, resume development, interviewing skills, focused networking and salary negotiations. Other programs offer an in-depth approach to a specific area, such as overcoming career blocks or detailed interview preparation for a particular position.

Are there common choices for the number of sessions?

Many clients choose our eight-session or twelve-session packages. Clients seeking longer-term support may opt for our six-month Career Enhancement Program or one-year Career Optimization Program to help maintain career momentum, monitor progress, assist with troubleshooting and provide ongoing support and guidance.

What does a session consist of?

A session is a one-on-one meeting for one hour with an expert Career Consultant, who has a background in both Career Management and Executive Search. Each session is highly interactive so that we can monitor and respond to your evolving priorities. We establish a coaching relationship, which provides you with expert guidance, information, motivation and support to help you move forward.

How do we schedule your sessions?

Most clients opt for weekly sessions. Should you wish to extend your sessions over a longer period because of outside pressures, or compress them into a shorter period to address a more urgent need, we can support you.


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