The Platinum Retainer Program expertly supports professionals on the fast-track who are focused on maximizing compensation and achieving great success.

Clients work in partnership with both a Business Coach and a Career Coach who closely collaborate to provide you with unique insight for successful career development.


  • Develop ambitious career goals and learn how to achieve them efficiently
  • Ensure that you are ideally positioned for promotions to the most senior executive levels
  • Attain greater control and satisfaction in your career, while maintaining a healthy personal life
  • Develop the sophisticated interpersonal skills needed to ensure your success at senior levels

Unparalleled Features

  • All-important, ongoing feedback from two experts with complementary perspectives
  • A career-development plan to identify the key skills for your success
  • Learning tools that fully support your professional growth
  • Just-in-time coaching for short-term career challenges that you encounter<

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