It takes only one misstep to lose out on that perfect job. Yet most candidates get no professional help with interview preparation. They miss an opportunity to polish their interviewing skills and to really stand out in an intensely competitive market.

JW Associates has a program that will greatly expand your awareness of the screening process and will provide you with new skills for excelling in interviews.

Can you handle difficult questions?

  • Are there issues in your background that you are uncomfortable addressing?
  • Do you have techniques for handling unexpected questions?
  • Can you position yourself successfully with regard to compensation?

Are you prepared for all stages of the interview process?

  • Do you understand the similarities and differences between the first, second and final interview?
  • Do you know how to avoid raising red flags in the questions you ask?
  • Do you have the confidence and techniques to shine in panel interviews?
  • Can you market yourself effectively to interviewers with very different functions in an organization?

Has previous interview feedback given you the whole story?

  • Do you keep getting unhelpful generic feedback, such as “you’re too qualified,” “you’re underqualified” or “you’re not the right fit?”
  • Do you know how interviewers really perceive you?
  • What does your body language say about you?
  • Is what you say at odds with the way you say it?
  • Are you ready to receive objective feedback on your interviewing techniques?


Work with an experienced Career Coach with an extensive recruiting background to develop winning interviewing techniques. All sessions are one-on-one and are customized to meet your specific needs.


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