In the course of our career consulting work, we find that most resumes limit candidates’ prospects by focusing on what it takes to get in the door. Many resumes fall short of even this limited goal. In addition to getting you in the door, an effective resume should support you in other stages of the hiring process and should even position you for future career growth.

Does your resume do all that it should?

  • Does your resume get you in the door for the positions you want? Many resumes only get candidates in the door for positions that are essentially identical to the one they already have. An effective resume can open doors to the next level and propel you to the top of the short list.
  • Does your resume prepare you for the interview? Many resumes present historical information without placing sufficient emphasis on candidates’ marketable skills. The process of producing an effective resume focuses your thinking on how to market yourself in an interview.
  • Does your resume position you for salary negotiations? Many resumes position candidates for a salary that is very similar to the one they already have. An effective resume highlights the fit of your skills to the increased responsibilities of the new role and clearly conveys your value to the employer.
  • Does your resume support your longer-term career goals? Many resumes pay too little regard to the future. An effective resume highlights skills that show your potential for growth and positions you in an employer’s mind as a key long-term member of the organization.

How can we help you develop a winning edge?

Our resume service is a component of our customized programs. We can help you bring a new level of sophistication to your resume by helping you develp a Market Positioning Resume©.


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