Have you just had a really bad day at work? Are you losing sleep and feeling unappreciated or overworked? Is the grass starting to look greener elsewhere? In our career consulting, outplacement and executive search practices, we see many people who have made career missteps because of hasty decisions about staying or leaving.

While there are no hard and fast rules for when you should make a move, here are a few considerations:

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  • You love your jobyou are in your element and look forward to going to work every morning
  • You’ve been promotedyou appreciate the increased responsibility you’ve been given to provide input and added value
  • You particularly enjoy great relationships with your boss, peers and staffyou love the team spirit and humour and the feeling that you are all pulling in the same direction
  • Your work continues to be interesting and challengingyou never find yourself watching the clock or feeling that your skills are wasted
  • Your current setting is providing you with the skills for the next step in your careeryour organization is continuing to invest in your development



  • You are no longer “in the loop”your boss cuts you out of key decisions and doesn’t consult with you or inform you about new directions in your area
  • You are emotionally drained by irreparable personal relationshipsnegative thoughts about work swirl around your brain day and night
  • Your boss wants to move you to a sideline position or to a project with an end dateyou are concerned that the organization may not regard you as “a keeper”
  • You are bored and not learning anything newyou have asked for more challenging work and have proposed enhancements, but without success
  • Your new boss has aligned you with past mistakesyour last boss was fired, and your new boss believes you are tied to old, unsuccessful strategies


You may connect with elements from both lists, making the choice very difficult. Professional guidance, tailored to the details of your unique situation, can help you navigate through this complex situation, acknowledging all the variables and avoiding a costly mistake. A well-designed staying or leaving program can support you in reaching a sound decision.