INTERVIEW TO OFFER gives you practical and effective guidance on the most widely overlooked requirement for interview success – establishing fit.

Whether you are a new grad or an executive, INTERVIEW TO OFFER will help you:

  • Understand how to market yourself as the right fit
  • Speed up your job search
  • Feel more confident in interviews
  • Build rapport with interviewers
  • Decrease nervousness and handle stress
  • Get ahead of the competition

The free Skill-Development Supplement (included with your download) includes all 17 skill-development tools in the e-book and an Interview Checklist.

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If you’ve been interviewed but failed to land the job, this book is for you. You thought you had all the background the employer was looking for, but you weren’t successful and didn’t understand why. At your next interview, you want to ensure that you’re the leading candidate. This book will give you “the inside scoop” − the key information needed to propel you forward.

~ Janet Webb in Interview to Offer

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents provides you with an opportunity to view the contents of each chapter. The nine chapters in the book give you a step-by-step strategy for establishing fit in interviews.

Excerpt from Chapter 1, the Jim and Susan Story

Chapter 1 introduces two fictional professionals, Jim and Susan, who aren’t moving through the interview process successfully. Jim’s an accomplished, laid-back guy who’s growing frustrated with his lack of advancement. Susan’s a motivated, detail-oriented person, with a highly focused approach to interview preparation. What Jim and Susan share is a lack of information about the interview process, so that they both keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Excerpt from Chapter 2, Skill-Development Tool

In The Way Forward section of each chapter, you’ll find at least one skill-development tool. There are 17 skill-development tools in the book. The tools provide you with logical, step-by-step preparation for establishing fit in interviews. The Skill-Development Tool: Understanding Your Fundamental Traits from Chapter 2 gives you with an understanding of a key building block of fit – how effectively you demonstrate your most positive fundamental traits.

Excerpt from Chapter 4, The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop section in each chapter provides you with insider information accumulated from 25 years of conducting searches and receiving feedback on candidates from hiring authorities. This information takes the mystery out of why you haven’t aced previous interviews. The Inside Scoop section from Chapter 4 provides you with insider information on why it’s so difficult to get accurate feedback on your interview presentation.