Hiring for Fit provides you with the knowledge to make great hires.

It addresses the most important piece of the puzzle – HIRING THE RIGHT FIT!

A key skill for any leader is the ability to hire a great team. Many organizations go about hiring in the wrong way because their leaders don’t fully understand the concept of fit.

Hiring for Fit goes to the heart of what fit really means and provides expert insight for anyone involved in making hiring decisions. The author studied the personality traits and attributes of successful hires and developed a comprehensive system to hire the right fit for any role. The entire process is an application of her unique Trait Alignment Protocol (TAP), which is the key to identifying fit and maintaining fit over the long term.

By applying the thorough and practical fit strategy described in the book, leaders will gain expertise in the complex subject of fit.

  • Replace seat-of-the-pants hiring with a reliable step-by-step process
  • Gain confidence in assessing a candidate’s fit
  • Make well-founded hiring decisions
  • Avoid common hiring pitfalls
  • Reduce costly turnover
  • Pave the way for promotions and succession planning

Hiring for Fit is an exceptional guide for business leaders to acquire and retain top talent, and the approach has a proven record of success. I personally found the information about fit traits to be instrumental in hiring successfully, from assessing soft skills to ensuring cultural fit!

~ Penny Galanis, Head of Human Resources at Ontario College of Pharmacists

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The Hiring for Fit Companion App     

The "Hiring for Fit" App is an excellent companion to the book. 3 Key Ideas are explored in the App:

  • The reason why all leaders need to understand fit. Why it’s not enough just to delegate the assessment of fit to Human Resources or Recruiters.
  • How to ensure that the behaviour of your new hire is what you want and expect.
  • An approach to assessing fit, that goes way beyond assessing fit through responses to questions.

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