How is our Retained Search Different?

Our well-established firm has the experience and judgment to manage targeted searches in today’s complex market. We provide exceptional value, assisting with all facets of the search, from initial consulting, writing an effective position profile and ad, and providing hiring managers with interviewing assistance, to conducting reference checks, handling final offer negotiations and onboarding.

Identifying the Right Fit - With over 25 years of experience, we are experts applying our proprietary Trait Alignment Protocol (TAP) for judging fit. Janet Webb, the author of “Hiring for Keeps,” heads up each search.

Accessing the Best Talent - We target recruit and advertise at the same time. We know how to identify and approach quality candidates in every field.

Providing Quality Service - Our judgment and insight provide you with detailed analyses and recommendations concerning the short-listed candidates.

Onboarding - We provide one-on-one onboarding coaching for the Hiring Manager and the new hire to ensure a smooth transition.

Succession Planning - We can address succession planning needs by ensuring fit with more senior leadership responsibilities as well as with the current role.

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