[notice class="notice"]As the name suggests a Market Positioning Resume © does more than provide a chronological record of your experience and achievements. It positions your skills and experience for the specific role that you want in the job market. It makes it clear to the reader why you fit the role that you have applied for.[/notice]

Why is this important? In today’s market, when each job posting typically receives 100 to 200 applications, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. If you are using a recruiter, they will want a resume that clearly positions you for the role you have applied for, that will instantly resonate with their client and make it through the screening process.

In the past, a good resume meant an error-free document with strong content, including evidence of achievements, presented in a polished, professional manner. But now, with the speed at which your resume will be viewed, you need to take it to the next level. You need to clearly showcase your fit – your relevance to the role and the company. You also need to showcase your relevant transferable skills, including your hard and soft leadership and management skills, and your fit with the sector and size of company.

At JW Associates, we have designed a document called a Market Positioning Resume ©. You can use it to align your focus and position yourself for the role you want.

Once you have completed your Market Positioning Resume ©, it will resonate with hiring authorities and distinguish you as a top short-list candidate. Our Market Positioning Resume © truly works and opens doors for our clients.

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