Hiring: Setting up your Search for Success

Great leaders know how to delegate critical and time-consuming tasks to ensure a satisfactory outcome. They state clearly what they need. They give clear directions. And they demand measurable results.

But when it comes to hiring, many leaders don’t delegate. They just dump the task on others, and then they wonder why the final hire doesn’t meet their expectations. By delegating the tasks involved in hiring in the same efficient way as they delegate other critical tasks, great leaders can enhance their hiring success.

To do this, leaders have to issue clear directions to their HR department or a professional recruiter based on sound hiring principles. They may start by articulating, in detail, the hard skills, educational background and experience required for the role. However, attention to the required soft skill traits is often overlooked. Many times, only a limited or generic list of traits serves as basis for the screening process. To ensure that they find the right hire, a leader has to go further.

In addition to the hard skills and desired experience, a leader needs to analyze the personal qualities or fit traits that a candidate needs to succeed in the specific role. Among other things, the leader needs to understand:

· The key components of fit

· How to build a “fit profile” for a specific role

· How to measure and assess fit during the hiring process

Armed with this knowledge, great leaders can determine the essential screening criteria for a specific role. They can then effectively delegate the tasks involved in hiring, set in place the foundation for a successful search, and feel confident that they will hire the right candidate.

You can find out more about these hiring principles by referring to “Hiring for Fit: A Key Leadership Skill” and our professional development program for leaders, “Hiring Successfully by Measuring Fit