Do Your Job Postings Attract Great Talent?

Your company has an open position, and you decide to advertise with an online posting. How will you make sure that the posting attracts the right candidates?

Increasingly, companies and HR consultants are using actual job descriptions as job postings. Many candidates and employers now regard the terms job description and job posting as synonymous.

But they're not.

If you think about an advertisement for a car, the first thing you notice isn't a boring list of engine specs and performance data, but rather a vision. The vision starts you thinking about how it might feel to own such a car.

Your job posting is no different. It's a marketing document, an advertisement to attract the best talent to your company. Rather than a list of specs and data, an effective job posting presents a compelling vision of the role and the company that will appeal to a specific type of candidate.

Before you create a job posting, you need to think about the ideal candidates for the job. What are their motivations for moving to your company? What will attract them to the role? Why should they choose your company over any other?

With an ordinary job description, you might attract 200 ad responses from candidates with less than stellar profiles. With a compelling and thoughtful job posting, you'll motivate great talent to join your organization.