Why Aren't Search Firms Calling Me?

You have a great background and you think you're a pretty nice person. You've even met with a number of search firms. So why aren't search consultants beating a path to your door?

Ask yourself this question: "What impression am I making?"

If you are a confident person, then you probably think that your presentation was well-received. The search consultants seemed happy with your interview responses, and you feel that you built a good rapport with them. At least, that's what you want to believe.

In fact, it's pretty hard to be objective about yourself. Just because people are pleasant with you does not mean that you have created a great impression. If search consultants are good at their job, they'll be respectful, friendly and courteous to everyone they meet.

So what to do? Get some honest, reliable feedback. Take a deep breath, swallow your pride and find a career coach who will really let you know how you are coming across. Using this feedback to enhance your interpersonal skills can pay dividends for your job search and provide a strong foundation for continued success in your career.