Hiring for a Post-Pandemic World

During this unprecedented global crisis, we’ve seen inspiring examples of initiative, integrity, resilience, adaptability, creativity, patience and empathy from all kinds of leaders, young and old. Times like this challenge all of us to demonstrate such traits, and they’re rightly valued and celebrated in our leaders.

Because of the lengthy crisis cycle, organizations will have to regroup before the crisis has ended. As they do, they will have a unique opportunity to change their hiring priorities, placing greater emphasis on the essential traits that helped to get us through this period. And emerging from this crisis, organizations will continue to regroup, reshape their post-crisis culture and regain profitability.

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Employment Uncertainty – And What You Can Do About It Now

Faced with a continuing global pandemic over a prolonged period, we foresee significant upheavals in employment. Organizations will lay off some staff and reposition others. That doesn’t mean that they will stop hiring new employees, but they will do it selectively. They will modify their organizational structures, for example, to weather the crisis and then select top talent to fill newly designed roles.

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HIRING: Are you prepared to make the final decision?

It happens even in the best of organizations: A senior position needs to be filled. A team is formed to take responsibility for hiring the right candidate. It may include the CEO, the head of HR, the hiring manager and a search firm. The process looks straightforward, but for some reason, things go terribly wrong.

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Hiring Effective Leaders: Five Key Insights

In their search for a candidate for a particular leadership role, many companies try to find one who has acquired 100% of the hard skills in an organization of a similar size in the same sector. I have termed this “same to same hiring,” and it often doesn’t work. Even a candidate with a striking match of hard skills and sector experience may still fail in the role.

There’s a better way to do it.

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