Hiring the Right Fit – An Essential Leadership Competency

This professional development seminar is designed for ANYONE INVOLVED IN HIRING AND ASSESSING FIT. It will enhance your ability to make well-founded and confident hiring decisions and build a great team.



  • What key personality traits are needed for success? How do they vary from one role to another?
  • How can I effectively screen for these traits in the interviewing process?


  • How can I actually measure personality traits? What tools can I use?
  • With different people involved in the interviewing process, how do I set up a framework that all interviewers can use?


Location: Boardroom at 120 Adelaide Street West, Suite 2500
Time: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Fee: $395 + HST per person
Date: Please call us at 416-363-6532 to set up a date for your organization


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You will be provided with:


This professional development seminar is designed for anyone involved in hiring. It will provide easy-to-use tools to accurately assess fit, make well-founded and confident hiring decisions and build a great team that fully supports you.


  • Identifying all the elements of fit
  • Establishing desirable fit traits for a specific role
  • Screening effectively to save time and effort
  • Conducting interviews that reveal whether candidates actually fit the job and organization
  • Making a hiring decision that you can stand behind
  • Using your understanding of fit to increase retention and decrease the need for rehiring


At the end of this practical, entertaining and educational seminar, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion that can be used for PD hours.


JANET WEBB, B.Ed. is the founder and president of JW Associates International Inc.

For more than 30 years, Janet has tracked and advanced the careers of professionals, becoming a recognized expert in all facets of executive search, career management and hiring practices.

From her experience in executive search and management consulting, Janet has acquired a detailed understanding of the hiring criteria and practices in all major industry sectors, including financial services, retail, real estate, mining, hi-tech, healthcare, not-for-profit and manufacturing.

Her speaking engagements have included delivering workshops and seminars on Hiring, Retention and Employment Challenges for small and mid-sized organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.



Advanced Hiring Skills – An Essential Competency

This professional development seminar is designed for ANYONE INVOLVED IN HIRING AND ASSESSING FIT. It will provide easy-to-use tools to accurately assess FIT, make well-founded and confident hiring decisions and build a great team.




Understand all the key elements of FIT


Build an effective step-by-step screening process to assess FIT


Implement a process that achieves internal consensus on the right FIT

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This seminar will run from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm (noon) and will set you up for hiring success by applying the principles in Janet Webb’s Hiring For Keeps: How to Hire Outstanding Employees Who Fit, Stay and Add to the Bottom Line (named by the Globe & Mail as one of the top 10 Leadership & Management books of 2015)



At the end of this practical, entertaining and educational seminar, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion that can be used for PD hours.

Presentation Skills for Professionals

This program is designed for the Professional who wishes to be more effective at presentations for management or board meetings.

This is a coaching-based program and will acknowledge the existing strengths and unique personal style of the individual. Through one-on-one coaching with two exceptional and highly-specialized coaches, the individual will learn new skills and develop a more powerful presence while maintaining a distinctive personal style.

What you will learn

  • How to deal with performance anxiety
  • How to use your voice to heighten interest in your presentation
  • How to use body language to create a more powerful message
  • How to connect with your audience
  • How to select content that will gain the trust of your audience
  • How to deal with difficult questions

Packages Available

  • JW Associates “Impact 1” Program - This program takes place over an 8 week period
  • JW Associates “Impact 2” Program - This program takes place over a 16 week period

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Personalized Coaching for Managers

Do you know how to motivate your team and effectively reward individuals? Are you comfortable delegating work to your staff?


This program will benefit newly promoted Managers or Managers who wish to further develop their management skills.


Following the initial assessment and discussion of current management skills, individuals will
focus on one or more topics that will enhance their effectiveness and productivity in
their current role.

Possible areas of concentration might include:

  • Goal-setting
  • Team-building
  • Motivating Staff
  • Delegating


This is a one-on-one consulting service specifically designed for Managers. The program is personalized for each individual, taking into account each individual’s own distinctive personal style.

The program will begin with an assessment of current management skills, analyzing management strengths and possible areas for development.

Individuals will be coached on practical applications of management skills tailored to their own unique work setting.

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Next Step Onboarding Coaching

In these fast-changing and volatile times, it is especially important that you hit the ground running in your new job. We support new hires in in assimilating quickly and successfully into their new role and company culture. The coaching will provide you with the information, perspective and approaches you need to achieve early success, including how to:

  • Reduce the uncertainty and stress associated with the transition
  • Make a great impression from the first day
  • Get early buy-in the leadership team, including your boss
  • Avoid pitfalls and work through challenges
  • Exceed performance expectations
  • Establish trust and build your new team

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Leadership Development for Professionals

A recent study of 100 executives, primarily from Fortune 1000 companies, revealed that an organization’s investment in specialized coaching for its executives realized an average ROI of almost six times the cost of coaching.

What does the program consist of?

This program involves confidential one-on-one meetings with a career consultant who will discuss your present leadership abilities and through a series of comprehensive assessment tools, together with an analysis of your current role, will help you identify the skills and traits most important to your continued success.
You will then work with an Executive Business coach to expand awareness, clarify issues and set achievable goals.
This program offers flexible timing to suit hectic schedules. There is a choice of coaching styles available and the program can be extended to suit the individual.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Individuals looking to make the next step in their career who recognize a need to improve or fine tune their leadership skills, or
  • Individuals who are presently in a leadership role and would like to become more effective.

What is the role of the participating professional?

The participant should be willing to grow and challenge themselves and be open to new ideas and new approaches.

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Executive Legacy Coaching

The retirement of a key executive can cause tremendous upheaval in an organization, in the absence of orderly succession planning. We help senior executives develop positive strategies for leaving a sustainable legacy, including:

  • Developing realistic timelines for the transition
  • Building future leadership capacity in the organization
  • Developing a process for passing on knowledge
  • Delegating greater responsibilities during the transition
  • Dealing effectively with “letting go”

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Cultivating Leadership Presence

Many able, committed professionals are overlooked for promotions because of their lack of leadership presence. We help you develop the awareness and tools you need in key aspects of leadership presence, including how to:

  • Present yourself and your ideas with maximum credibility
  • Make a positive impression and earn the respect of others
  • Project a commanding presence through your speech and body language
  • Influence your boss/management team
  • Signal increased confidence and seniority

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“Thanks so much for all of your effort in finding us the right candidate. It has been a real pleasure working with your company - you certainly know your stuff!"
~ Director HR, Rapidly Growing Retailer

“Working with JW Associates has provided me with the ability to critically assess candidates' resumes. I am able to discern their experience and the representational faithfulness of their resumes. In turn, we are able to conduct a more effective search allowing us to find candidates most suited for the position.”
~ President, Large Investment Company

"In the past we had found it difficult to determine which people would really fit with our company. JW Associates provided us with a practical yet measurable way to select the best people for us."
~ Senior Director, Mining Company

"Thank you for helping us set up our succession planning framework. We now feel confident that we have a great plan in place to keep the company knowledge intact."
~ Director HR, Well-Established Company

“Your Outplacement program helped me to build my confidence and find a new job. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process.”
~ Senior Manager, Real Estate

"JW Associates helped me identify my most marketable assets, and present them in a way that gave me an edge over other candidates. They provided gentle, tactful and extremely useful one-on-one feedback for interviewing. I felt much more confident and calm during the interviewing process and found a position which is the perfect fit."
~ 2009 Outplacement Client

“Dealing with JW Associates has been a very positive experience. Thank you very much for coaching and preparation work you provided – I found it very helpful in preparing me for the CFO interview.”
~ CFO, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

“Networking was difficult for me so my career coach and I worked out an approach that I could handle. This revamped approach coupled with my new focused resume presented so well that I got six calls and a job offer!”
~ JB,Toronto

“I had never done Onboarding before... what a difference it has made in my new job! I feel much more comfortable about working with my new boss and am confident that I can continue to make a great impression”
~ 2009 Onboarding Client

“I’ve never seen myself as a natural leader, but now I know that I can aim higher. You really showed me the importance of improving my communication style."
~ Director, Turnaround Manufacturing Company