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JW Associates International Inc. offers in-depth expertise and a friendly, responsive approach to Executive Search, Outplacement, Management Consulting, Career Coaching and Professional Development. We have an outstanding legacy of high-performing, long-term hires, and successful career transitions.


Landing a Board Position

Finding a suitable board position requires a different approach than finding a job. Perhaps you have given thought to working on a board, but don't know where to begin. Our career coaching services can provide you with the direction and support that you need.

The program includes:

  • Defining the role and organization that you are suited for
  • Developing a specific resume for board roles
  • Developing the right networking reach and approach
  • Communicating your value at board interviews

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From Employee to Consultant

Many established professionals consider the transition from employee to consultant as a welcome opportunity to revitalize their career. A successful transition brings new challenges, broadens options and provides greater control of the future.

If you are considering a career as a consultant, or if you have already made the switch but need support, JW Associates can help you address the essential issues:

Which skills will you market?

  • What do you really want to do?
  • Do you know what your market is? Who needs your services?
  • How will you set your skills apart? Why should clients select you?

Can you market your skills effectively?

  • Do you have a marketing document, other than your resume, to establish your value to clients?
  • Are your presentation skills appropriate for gaining consulting work, rather than applying for a job?
  • Do you have the confidence to sell your services for a suitable fee? Can you negotiate effectively?

How will you establish and grow a client base?

  • Do you know how to build a client base in difficult times?
  • Can you network effectively? Where should you start?
  • How can you build visibility, credibility and goodwill with prospective or existing clients?


Work with an experienced Career Coach to support your successful transition. All sessions are one-on-one and are customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Create and refine your marketing materials.
  • Reposition your presentation and negotiating skills to assume the new role of consultant.
  • Build confidence to market successfully.

We have the flexibility to address shifting priorities, such as a pressing need for specific marketing material or preparation for an unexpected meeting.

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Fast-Track Career Program

The Platinum Retainer Program expertly supports professionals on the fast-track who are focused on maximizing compensation and achieving great success.

Clients work in partnership with both a Business Coach and a Career Coach who closely collaborate to provide you with unique insight for successful career development.


  • Develop ambitious career goals and learn how to achieve them efficiently
  • Ensure that you are ideally positioned for promotions to the most senior executive levels
  • Attain greater control and satisfaction in your career, while maintaining a healthy personal life
  • Develop the sophisticated interpersonal skills needed to ensure your success at senior levels

Unparalleled Features

  • All-important, ongoing feedback from two experts with complementary perspectives
  • A career-development plan to identify the key skills for your success
  • Learning tools that fully support your professional growth
  • Just-in-time coaching for short-term career challenges that you encounter

Contact us today for details of this innovative, one-year retainer program.

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Excelling in Interviews

It takes only one misstep to lose out on that perfect job. Yet most candidates get no professional help with interview preparation. They miss an opportunity to polish their interviewing skills and to really stand out in an intensely competitive market.

JW Associates has a program that will greatly expand your awareness of the screening process and will provide you with new skills for excelling in interviews.

Can you handle difficult questions?

  • Are there issues in your background that you are uncomfortable addressing?
  • Do you have techniques for handling unexpected questions?
  • Can you position yourself successfully with regard to compensation?

Are you prepared for all stages of the interview process?

  • Do you understand the similarities and differences between the first, second and final interview?
  • Do you know how to avoid raising red flags in the questions you ask?
  • Do you have the confidence and techniques to shine in panel interviews?
  • Can you market yourself effectively to interviewers with very different functions in an organization?

Has previous interview feedback given you the whole story?

  • Do you keep getting unhelpful generic feedback, such as “you’re too qualified,” “you’re underqualified” or “you’re not the right fit?”
  • Do you know how interviewers really perceive you?
  • What does your body language say about you?
  • Is what you say at odds with the way you say it?
  • Are you ready to receive objective feedback on your interviewing techniques?


Work with an experienced Career Coach with an extensive recruiting background to develop winning interviewing techniques. All sessions are one-on-one and are customized to meet your specific needs.

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Career Positioning

To move to the next level, you must position yourself effectively. From New Grads to Senior Executives, we can help position you to maximize your potential.

New Grads

Do you know how to position yourself?

  • Have you clearly defined the position you want?
  • Do you have a focused career plan that will propel you forward?
  • Do you know how to manoeuvre yourself effectively in the marketplace?

Manager Level

Do you know how to move beyond your technical accomplishments into a senior leadership role?

  • How can you establish and demonstrate leadership presence?
  • How do you select the best roles to advance your career?
  • Do you know how to market yourself throughout an organization?

Executive Level 

Do you know how to position yourself to secure or safeguard a CEO, CFO or COO role?

  • Have you established the visibility and credibility needed for a role at the very top?
  • Do you need expert, objective feedback on your leadership presence and marketability?
  • Can you sell your ability to lead functions outside your own technical expertise?

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“Thanks so much for all of your effort in finding us the right candidate. It has been a real pleasure working with your company - you certainly know your stuff!"
~ Director HR, Rapidly Growing Retailer

“Working with JW Associates has provided me with the ability to critically assess candidates' resumes. I am able to discern their experience and the representational faithfulness of their resumes. In turn, we are able to conduct a more effective search allowing us to find candidates most suited for the position.”
~ President, Large Investment Company

"In the past we had found it difficult to determine which people would really fit with our company. JW Associates provided us with a practical yet measurable way to select the best people for us."
~ Senior Director, Mining Company

"Thank you for helping us set up our succession planning framework. We now feel confident that we have a great plan in place to keep the company knowledge intact."
~ Director HR, Well-Established Company

“Your Outplacement program helped me to build my confidence and find a new job. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process.”
~ Senior Manager, Real Estate

"JW Associates helped me identify my most marketable assets, and present them in a way that gave me an edge over other candidates. They provided gentle, tactful and extremely useful one-on-one feedback for interviewing. I felt much more confident and calm during the interviewing process and found a position which is the perfect fit."
~ 2009 Outplacement Client

“Dealing with JW Associates has been a very positive experience. Thank you very much for coaching and preparation work you provided – I found it very helpful in preparing me for the CFO interview.”
~ CFO, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

“Networking was difficult for me so my career coach and I worked out an approach that I could handle. This revamped approach coupled with my new focused resume presented so well that I got six calls and a job offer!”
~ JB,Toronto

“I had never done Onboarding before... what a difference it has made in my new job! I feel much more comfortable about working with my new boss and am confident that I can continue to make a great impression”
~ 2009 Onboarding Client

“I’ve never seen myself as a natural leader, but now I know that I can aim higher. You really showed me the importance of improving my communication style."
~ Director, Turnaround Manufacturing Company

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