Short-Term Perspective = Short Term Hires!


Your company is growing and your team is working flat out. You anticipate continued growth in the future and new challenges, as well. To ensure that your group doesn't burn out, you decide to hire an additional person. You decide that you want the new employee to hit the ground running, so you:

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Why Aren't Search Firms Calling Me?

You have a great background and you think you're a pretty nice person. You've even met with a number of search firms. So why aren't search consultants beating a path to your door?

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Do Your Job Postings Attract Great Talent?

Your company has an open position, and you decide to advertise with an online posting. How will you make sure that the posting attracts the right candidates?

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Using Job Descriptions to Attract Top Talent

A sentiment we often hear from employers about to fill a role is, "We don't have a detailed job description, but the one we have should be good enough." The failure to develop a job description often results from a rush to start the search but is based on mistaken thinking.

Myth 1 – The job will evolve as the business changes, so a current job description will become inadequate. It's not worth spending more time on it now.

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