The Age Trap

Senior-level clients often wonder how their age will affect their job search. I say, “That depends on you!”

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Hiring: Take the Rapport Test

As you interview candidates for pivotal leadership roles at your company, ask yourself the question "Will this person be able to work effectively with the key internal stakeholders of the role, such as the CEO, the management team and with external stakeholders such as clients and suppliers?"

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Hiring: The Broken Fit Cycle

We often work with companies that have hired an individual who was not the right fit. Many of them have followed a similar series of stages before requiring our outplacement services.

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Short-Term Perspective = Short Term Hires!


Your company is growing and your team is working flat out. You anticipate continued growth in the future and new challenges, as well. To ensure that your group doesn't burn out, you decide to hire an additional person. You decide that you want the new employee to hit the ground running, so you:

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