Who Can Do the Best Job?


Why do many tracking professionals, who are generally very keen to learn new skills themselves, apply hiring practices that eliminate high-achieving candidates with the same enthusiasm for learning?
The answer lies in the over-reliance on same-to-same hiring.

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Hiring: Setting up your Search for Success

Great leaders know how to delegate critical and time-consuming tasks to ensure a satisfactory outcome. They state clearly what they need. They give clear directions. And they demand measurable results.

But when it comes to hiring, many leaders don’t delegate. They just dump the task on others, and then they wonder why the final hire doesn’t meet their expectations. By delegating the tasks involved in hiring in the same efficient way as they delegate other critical tasks, great leaders can enhance their hiring success.

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The Age Trap

Senior-level clients often wonder how their age will affect their job search. I say, “That depends on you!”

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Hiring: Take the Rapport Test

As you interview candidates for pivotal leadership roles at your company, ask yourself the question "Will this person be able to work effectively with the key internal stakeholders of the role, such as the CEO, the management team and with external stakeholders such as clients and suppliers?"

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